It is said we should all live a life most full. Of course, that is something that is easier said than done in most instances but, every now and then we stumble across someone who inspires. Someone who finds their way onto the track and then rolls at full steam into life and shows those of us watching the true value of a dream. Bobby Shelton is a glowing example of that type of person.

Bobby Shelton grew up as a young boy in Alabama. Bobby was like a lot of kids in The South at the time. A hard working family in a small home and not necessarily teetering on the wealthy end. It was a time and a life where like many, Bobby possessed a lot less than he had but, this ended up being just right thing to spark what would be a lifelong pursuit of creativity.

Bobby has had his hands in all kinds of things. He’s had successful a career in the railroad, real estate and motorcycle industries and even has,his own nightclub in Northern Alabama. This all eventually led to a dare in a bar. In most cases, especially with a bunch of Southern boys, this could end very badly and in some stories we may not go into in Shelton’s life, that could very well be the case. This time was different though. This time it was a dare and a karaoke machine. Little did anyone know what was to become of all of this and a musical career was born.

Not one to do things halfway, it didn’t take Shelton long until he found himself in a recording studio and after awhile he had not one but, two projects underway with two of the most talented producers in Nashville the legendary producer Pat Holt and the internationally acclaimed composer/producer Sean O’Bryan Smith. Since then Shelton has been actively recording multiple projects and has been seen with such well known artists as Irlene Mandrell and Buddy Jewell.

With national recording artists Brother Virginia

With country star Buddy Jewell


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